Landlord regulations

Legislation; Compliance and Safety

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

As part of the housing act 1988 each rental property is required to have an EPC in place with a rating of E or above in place before it is advertised. We can arrange this for you at an additional cost, or you are welcome to commission your own EPC

Gas Safety

The gas safety regulations 1994 came into effect to ensure that gas appliances are properly installed and maintained in a safe condition to avoid any risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. It’s the responsibility of all landlords that all gas appliances and gas installation pipework are checked for safety once a year by a member of the Gas Safe Register. We can arrange this for you at an additional cost, or you are welcome to commission your own Gas Safety Certificate

Electrical Safety

The electrical equipment safety regulations 1994 were imposed on the landlord to ensure that all electrical appliances are safe. We strongly advise all landlords to carry out an electrical safety inspection which is valid for 5 years. We can arrange this for you at an additional cost.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Landlords of residential accommodation have responsibilities for combating legionnaire’s disease

Smoke Alarms

The building regulations 1991 requires that all properties built since 1992 must be fitted with a mains operated interlink smoke detectors/alarms on each floor. Regulations regarding older properties differ but we will still need a working smoke alarm on. We can arrange a fire certificate on your property at an additional cost

Carbon Monoxide Detector

An invisible killer of thousands every year. CO2 gas cannot be seen and is odourless. It is a legal requirement to supply a carbon monoxide a detector to tenants if you have a solid burning fuel appliance at the property (log burner etc). However it isn’t a current legal requirement to supply one with a gas boiler or cooker. We however strongly advise to provide a CO2 alarm where a property has gas.


Legislation; Compliance and Safety

Furniture and Furnishing Fire Safety

Any soft furnishings that are left in the property must comply with fire regulations, a label clearing station so should be attached. If not then the furniture must be removed from the property and cannot be stored at the rental address. Please note the regulations do not apply to curtains, carpets, bed clothes and mattress covers.


All new tenancy deposits must be protected in a government authorised scheme. We request a deposit on all tenancies and this is payable before the tenant moves into the property.


Landlords to do list


If the property you wish to rent is subject to a mortgage then you will need to inform your mortgage lender that you intend to rent out the property


As a landlord you are still responsible for the building and will require building insurance. Please note if you are letting out your property furnished you may also wish to consider contents insurance