Out of hours contact information

If you have an emergency* at your property that would require immediate attention but it happens outside of our hours of business, then it will be your responsibility as tenants to act appropriately and take the best course of action possible to ensure basic maintenance steps are applied and that damage to the property is kept to a minimum.

We don't offer a full 24-hour service but we do have an “out of hours” telephone which we will monitor on a regular basis. Please call or text 07507 459903 and leave a message. We will try to help you but please bear in mind that most contractors don't work 24-hours and if they do the service may be limited (e.g. a plumber called to a leak on Saturday night will just turn off the stop tap until Monday). If you have a break in you will need to contact the Police and obtain a “scenes of crime” assessment before we can secure the property. If you have locked yourself out your house overnight you will need to either call a locksmith (at your expense) or wait till the next working day when we can attend. Please do bear in mind that if we attend and it is as a result of your inappropriate action you will incur costs.

If you can smell gas at the property call National Grid Emergency Services – 0800 111 999

If there is an electricity power cut affecting the property contact Western Power – 0800 6783 105

If emergency calls are made for issues which could have been dealt with as a basic maintenance issue and have waited until regular office opening hours (our contractors will inform us in their professional opinion), then the resulting time or call out will be charged onto the tenant of the property.

If your issue is not classed as an emergency please send details by email to info@stoneandlong.com or by calling the office on 0115 988 1200 and we will endeavour to get in touch with you and arrange a resolution at the earliest opportunity.

*An emergency is classed as something that would put the property into a position of severe disrepair (leak, flood, gas leak, fire, exposed/sparking electrics, etc.) or if it puts the inhabitants of the property into immediate danger and/or cause rapid effects to health and wellbeing.